Project Discovery of India

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A Brief History

On October 2,1869, Mahatma Gandhi, Indian freedom fighter, activist and philosopher (d. 1948), was born.  The rich history of the Indian subcontinent is full of memorable events, including those that are not just of a political nature.  Project Discover of India, a collaboration of thirteen History YouTube Channels, presents the complex, at times tragic, and at times encouraging stories of India and its many diverse peoples.

Digging Deeper

Our story begins over 5,000 years ago…

From its origins as one of the world’s earliest civilizations to India’s more modern conquest by the British, the preceding videos have covered quite a bit about India’s amazing history.  The story of India continues and we hope that your learning about this subcontinent and its people will also continue beyond our playlist.

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

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The featured image in this article, an artistic rendering of India by Al Muqaddimah, was shared with myself (Dr. Zar) and the other participants in Project Africa for use in our videos and for promoting the project.  It is therefore used here to that end.  The image’s copyright is otherwise presumed to belong to Al Muqaddimah and so any other use of this image may require Al Muqaddimah’s permission.


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