October 6, 2017: 10 NFL Criminals

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A Brief History

On October 6, 2017, we await another weekend of NFL football while President Trump and the country wait with bated breath, waiting to see what kind of protest the NFL players will or will not participate in prior to or during the National Anthem.

Digging Deeper

Originally meant to protest police brutality and the wanton murder of Black men by the Police across the USA, somehow that message has gotten lost in malarkey about free speech and Constitutional Rights.  POLICE ARE NOT MURDERING BLACK MEN ACROSS THE USA! People that fear the police are generally ones that are afraid they will get caught doing something wrong and go to jail.  Sometimes people are not criminals and fear the police anyway, largely based on fear mongering and media frenzy whipped up to produce ratings instead of truth.  The George Zimmerman 911 calls and video of his being booked were altered by ABC to misrepresent the Trayvon Martin shooting (which had nothing to do with the police), for example.  The Michael Brown shooting was found out to be justified, and the whole “Hands up, don’t shoot” baloney turned out to be totally false.  The we find out the Russians have been manipulating African Americans and White Americans alike, trying to drive a wedge between the races and between the people and the police in the US.  Are you going to fall for that???

Meanwhile, President Trump, a somewhat phony patriot himself (draft dodger) has made inflammatory comments about NFL players “disrespecting” the flag and somehow conflating that to be disrespectful of the military as well.  What they are disrespecting are the police of the United States, including the thousands of African American police officers.  The “modified” protests such as giving the “Black Power” raised fist salute is every bit as distasteful and based on a false narrative as the kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem.  The idiot NFL owners fail to grasp that they have every right to prohibit displays of political grandstanding while the players are representing the team.  The right of free speech and political expression comes when a player or anyone else is not “at work!”  (We have decided to totally boycott the NFL as long as this provocative behavior is undermining the efforts of American police officers.)  The icing on the hypocritical cake is the NFL owners refusing to hire Colin Kaepernick, a reasonably good quarterback because he started the protests.

Finally, we will list some of the rotten behavior perpetrated by NFL players, just as a reminder in case they forgot what their own peers have been up to.  Who would you nominate to the list?

1. Aaron Hernandez, murderer.

This tight end for the Patriots (there is an ironic name!) was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, a former semi-pro football player.  Hernandez took his own life while in prison.

2. OJ Simpson, murderer, kidnapper, robber.

After being acquitted for the twin homicides of his ex-wife and her friend in 1994 (trial in 1995) despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, Simpson was later found liable for the murders during a civil trial in which more evidence was allowed than in the criminal case.  Then Simpson committed a robbery/kidnapping in Las Vegas in 2007, crimes for which he was convicted and imprisoned.  Simpson was placed on parole in September of 2017.

3. Johnny Manziel, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse.

This idiot, called “Johnny Football” was a Heisman Trophy winner and 1st Round Draft Choice of the Cleveland Browns.  Manziel went on to misbehave himself right out of the NFL, with lying, pot smoking, heavy drinking and partying (trashing rented rooms and the like) and finally getting in a jack pot over domestic violence against his girlfriend.  We doubt if this goof will ever play in the NFL again.

4. Jimmy Haslam, fraud and cheat.

The owner of the Cleveland Browns and defender of the players’ “right” to freedom of expression made his fortune owning and running truck stop gas stations (Pilot and Flying J), while cheating truck drivers and companies out of discounts they had earned.  His brother is the Governor of Tennessee and his college roommate is Senator Bob Corker.  Flying J was ordered to pay a $92 million fine and 10 company employees were convicted of crimes related to the fraud.  Somehow, Haslam remained out of jail and still owns the Browns.

5. Ray Rice, domestic violence.

Hey NFL, how about protesting domestic violence by the thugs that make you guys look bad?  Rice not only knocked out his fiancé with a single punch, but he did it on video tape in an elevator in 2014, dragging the limp body of the unconscious woman by the hair.  Rice was charged with aggravated assault, but the criminal charges were dropped after Rice married the battered woman and underwent counseling.  He never did make it back to the NFL after the incident.

6. Josh Gordon, drug addict.

Drafted by the Browns in the 2nd Round of the Draft in 2012, Gordon had a fantastic year in 2013, leading the entire league in receiving yardage and setting a new Cleveland Browns record, despite being suspended the first 2 games for drug violations.  Gordon has continued to violate drug and alcohol policies of the NFL and is currently suspended, missing the best years of what could have been a hall of fame career.

7. Ernie Holmes, shooting at police helicopter.

Perhaps depressed over marital problems (who isn’t?), Holmes decided to start shooting at an Ohio State Highway Patrol helicopter between the 1972 and 1973 NFL seasons and was arrested for the crime.  Holmes was put on 5 years probation and was still allowed to play pro football in the NFL!

8. Ray Lewis, obstruction of justice in murder case.

A 13 time Pro-Bowl player, in 2000 Lewis was out with his buddies when they got into a fight, resulting in the other 2 men being stabbed to death.  Lewis drove himself and his 2 friends away from the scene, and the clothes Lewis was wearing at the time of the incident were discarded and never found.  Lewis and his 2 pals were charged with the 2 murders.  Lewis was given the chance to plea bargain to obstructing justice if he would testify against his friends, which he accepted.  Lewis was placed on probation and continued his NFL career, making millions of dollars while his buds ended up being acquitted.  Lewis was the Superbowl MVP the following year.

9. Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, cheaters.

The coach and the quarterback of the successful New England Patriots have been disciplined for “Spygate” in 2007 (illegal taping of opponents) and for “Deflategate” in the AFC Championship Game of the 2014-2015 NFL season (illegally deflating footballs).  For Spygate Belichick was fined $500,000, the largest fine any NFL coach has ever been fined, and Brady was suspended for 4 games, his team fined $1 million and 2 draft picks for Deflategate.  The Patriots, so successful having won 5 Superbowls under Belichick, have a terrible reputation as cheaters.

10. Lawrence “LT” Taylor, drug abuser, sex offender.

Considered by many to be one of the “greatest” players in NFL history, Taylor was repeatedly suspended during his career for drug use, and convicted and jailed 3 times of criminal drug use after retirement, and yet he is still enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Did we mention he was also convicted of sexual impropriety with a minor in 2011?  (Baseball will not let Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire in the Hall of Fame because of steroid use, for comparison.)  NFL football still treats this creep like royalty, and so do many fans and the media.

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