October 20, 2017: Geostorm Hits the Screen! Dramatic New Action Film

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A Brief History

On October 20, 2017, the eye popping new disaster film from the people (Jerry Bruckheimer) that brought us Flashdance, Top Gun, Armageddon, The Rock, Beverly Hills Cop, National Treasure, and Pirates of the Caribbean, will open tonight across the US.  With a pedigree of such popular films, you would expect Geostorm to be seriously entertaining eye candy, and it is!

Digging Deeper

We got the opportunity to watch a pre-screening of the film, a movie that was actually shot in 2016 and had several scenes re-filmed because of negative reaction to the original print.  The reworking of the film seems have worked rather well, as audience reaction at our screening was quite positive.  Likewise, we were entertained by and enjoyed the movie.

Starring excellent actor Gerard Butler as the scientist responsible for creating an enormous multi-national system of satellites that control the weather on Earth, and Ed Harris as the Secretary of State, these 2 well known actors provide a strong basis for a cast perfectly suited for their individual roles.

The premise of the film is that the Dutch Boy Program, the space based weather control system, is to be turned over to the International consortium from strictly US control, a contentious move similar to the opposition faced by the US when the Panama Canal was to be turned over to the Panamanians.  Butler, the scientist that invented and built the system, is forced out due to his abrasive personality and his younger brother is put in charge of the Dutch Boy Program prior to the transition to international control.

Meanwhile, problems start happening, with catastrophic consequences and Butler, as Jake Lawson, is recalled to the project to go back into the enormous space station that controls Dutch Boy to fix the problem.  Intrigue, murder, tension, drama and family situations ensue, but all this pales by comparison to the spectacular scenes of weather disasters on Earth and the fight for control of the space station in space.  The situation becomes a race against time as conspirators try to destroy large parts of the population of Earth, while Jake Lawson and his allies try to save the world.

We did not get to see the film in 3D, although it certainly seems as though seeing the movie in 3D would be highly desirable, as the disaster and space scenes are big, colorful, loud, and lend themselves quite well to 3D effects.  Even in 2D, the eye candy is pretty impressive.

If you can get past the mentioning of the word “Geostorm” over and over in the movie, you will find Geostorm to be a worthy descendant of such films as Towering Inferno, Volcano, Tornado, Armageddon, Deep Impact, Space Cowboys, and The Day After Tomorrow.  Combining catastrophic weather with conspiratorial evil, Geostorm is a must see for all fans of disaster movies, especially fans of spectacular special effects.

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