Men’s Style Guide: 5 Types Of Boots That Make You Stand Out

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A Brief History

Nowadays, you may have heard the expression: “If you’re going to kick ass, you need kickass boots!”   Don’t you agree, gentlemen? 

Digging Deeper

For men, shoes speak louder than words and are undoubtedly an essential part of any wardrobe, but, considering the array of boots to choose from, we understand that picking the most suitable pair can get a bit overwhelming.  So, here we are to your rescue as we have mentioned the five types of boot styles you must invest in this winter.   Find the most appropriate one for yourself and stash away your sneakers for this winter season already!

  • Chelsea Boots: For a polished look

The most versatile, the most iconic, sleek with minimal style… these are Chelsea boots. 

Offering slip-on style, these ankle-length boots are usually made of leather. They have elasticated sides for the ease of sliding in your feet. Usually characterized by a low heel, they work best with any formal outfit.  You can don them with everything right from jeans, chinos to suits. When pairing them with jeans, make sure to add your favourite shirt and a biker jacket to the ensemble. 

P.S. We suggest reserve these boots for a much-awaited date night or a special occasion that demands you to be all suited up. 

  • Work boots: For your workplace 

As the name suggests, work boots are crafted to be the most functional boots for you to be able to wear them at your workplace. Actually, they have been designed to ensure comfort in climate conditions hence, they are the work boots. 

The sturdiest boots of the lot, their solid material protects your feet from any sort of injuries. (This reminds us of the sturdy military boots, doesn’t it?)

Pair them aptly (with jeans because they are more on the casual side) and you are sure to make heads turn! 

  • Chukka Boots: For both casual and formal outfits

Chukka boots are one of the most preferred types of boots for men. Plus, they are easily recognizable!  With just 2-3 eyelets, they have minimal laces and work best with jeans and chinos to rock your casual wear; however, if you opt for the ones in suede material, (that by the way, look really appealing and sophisticated) they are sure to complement your formal attire. 

  • Brogue Boots

For all those who admire slight or heavy perforations on their boots and appreciate little detailing too, brogue boots should be your choice. They have little holes punched onto the top that enhances the overall appeal.  They look pretty dapper and go with both casual and formal attire. 

P.S. You can don them with your denim rolled up a bit!

  • Desert Boots: For those who prefer sturdy chukkas

Yes, you read that right!  Desert boots are the enhanced version of chukka boots in the sense that they are sturdier and durable. All thanks to their hard leather sole; however, please note that they look best with casual outfits i.e. either denim or chinos, unlike the chukka boots that even look fabulous with a formal suit. 

Pick the right one for yourself

Boots are a staple in any man’s winter wardrobe and aforementioned are some of the most amazing styles to invest in.  Now, all you need to do is pick the right one for yourself; the one that suits your personality and enhances the overall look of your outfit.   Maybe doing this will get you one step closer to finding your special someone! (wink wink)  Happy shopping! 

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Historical Evidence

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The featured image in this article, a photograph by skeeze, is licensed under the Pixabay License.


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