List of fictional comics

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A Brief History

This article presents a list of fictional comics, which includes both comic books and comic strips.

Digging Deeper

Fictional comic books

From The Simpsons

  • Adam Galaxy
  • The Adventures of The Good Shepherd
  • Batcat
  • Batchick
  • Batman and Rhoda.
  • Biclops
  • Bloodzilla
  • Bongo, a comic seen in “Worst Episode Ever“, but the character is actually from Matt Groening‘s comic strip Life in Hell. In the episode it is referred to as a “lesser-comic”
  • Bot Pilgrim
  • Cap Apple
  • Car Trek
  • Catgirl
  • The Clash
  • Comic-Book Guy Comics
  • Coming-Of-Age Sad Happy Book
  • Death Of… Aquaman
  • Death Of… Casper
  • The Death of Sad Sack
  • Dogkid
  • Duck!
  • Enter The Ant
  • Evel Knievel jumps the Jackson 5
  • Everyman, comic book created by Comic Book Guy
  • Fallout Boy
  • Fantastic Floor
  • The Formidable Mulk
  • From Heck
  • Funny Ha-Ha
  • Guardians of Jabromy
  • I Do Comics
  • Krustyburger Comics and Fun Book
  • Hamburglar Adventure Comic
  • Happy Little Elves
  • Horror House
  • Human Bee
  • Indigestible Bulk
  • Interesting Stories
  • Jabronia Girls
  • Krusty Komics
  • Larry The Leprechaun
  • Leopard Lady
  • Lil’ Jesus
  • Lil Kneesocks
  • Lives of the Saints Comics
  • Malibu Stacy
  • Manboy
  • Mittens JR
  • Mr. Hop
  • Nick
  • Old Testament
  • PB+J
  • Peace Comics
  • Pious
  • Power Person
  • Quest Time
  • Radioactive Ape
  • Sad Girl
  • She-Hulk vs. Leon Spinks
  • Super Genius
  • Space Mutant Lawyer
  • Space Mutant Plumber
  • Spider Bee
  • Superman vs Patty Hearst
  • Tales from the Couch
  • Temple of Gloom
  • Terrible 2
  • Tintin in Paris [1]
  • Trading Card Comics
  • True Grime
  • Twinkle Twins
  • Uncle Tightwad
  • Vampire Dinosaur
  • Yee-Haw
  • Radioactive Man
  • Weasel Woman
  • Your Pal Jimmy Olsen vs. Matter Eater Lad
  • Zebra Girl

From other sources

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