Why is Innovation in Fashion Indispensable?

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A Brief History

On February 14, 2015, Kanye West collaborated with Adidas to create the first pair of Yeezys, eventually leading to his own clothing line which would transform the lifestyle and streetwear industry.

Digging Deeper

Every sector most especially those ones concerned with commercialization and monetization of products and services require something novel on a regular basis to remain relevant in the hearts of its customers. Innovation is thus the introduction of something novel and new just to bring about one change or the other.  The infinite demand for change is one of the chief reasons why fashion has remained relevant and alive. Imagine the fashion world without products from Adidas or without the idea of evening dresses.

Addidas running shoe demo in Boston

All these are as a result of innovations that one point or the other at various times. By responding sensitively and promptly to the various changes that occur in different spheres of the world, fashion evolves. The indispensability of innovation in the fashion industry is one that cannot be underemphasized and it is as a result of various factors such as:

  • Technology

The advent of technology is the chief reason why there is the continuous introduction of novel products into the fashion world. The wide scope of opportunities in which technology presents is enough to inspire innovations. These opportunities are not stopping any moment from now, thus, there is a wide range of things to explore to keep the fashion industry relevant. Recently, a glass that can measure the pattern of breathing and heart rate was invented. Also, the incorporation of 3-D printing is another major innovation in which technology has proven the indispensability of innovation in the fashion world.

  • Competition

The market in the fashion world is one filled with competition as every fashion company strives to win the favor of their customers and also to keep them as this, in turn, is a great profit for them. As a result, these companies make every effort to make sure that they remain relevant in the market by inventing new items that attract the fancy of their customers. The competitive drive thus plays an important role in the indispensability of innovation in the fashion world as new items a continually created on a daily basis.

  • Art and Creativity

Art without any doubt plays an important role in the lives of individuals. The countless forms of art have driven the fashion world into another realm through creativity. Creativity is timeless and boundless as it would continue to exist and for the fact that people would always want to wear clothes and other related fashion accessories is what strengthens the depth of exploration in which the creative mind aims to delve into. Aesthetics is of value to consumers as they buy what is appealing to them the most as such, producers of fashion items keep themselves on their toes to create to the taste of their consumers. This trend definitely is not ending anytime soon. Applied art, sculpturing and painting, music and even literature are enough reasons why there can never be a cease to innovations in the fashion world

  • Internet and Social Media

Without any doubt, the far-reaching influence of which the internet has on the human race is unfathomable. The advertising and marketing opportunities available online is one of profundity. Through the internet and social media, there are numerous chances of reaching out to various people from different part of the world to sell and market fashion products. There is always the right type of consumer for every product on the internet. More so, through the internet, so many innovations get to be popularized, most especially among the youths. This gives producers the room to want to make something outstanding as a result of the power of the internet.

There are numerous other factors such as the economic and social situation of a country, sexuality etc. that contributes to the incessant innovation in the fashion world. This indispensability is the more reason why there are no many fashion inclined companies yet, all are doing fine when it comes to profit making.

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Historical Evidence

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