Influence of Technology on Casino and Gambling Industry

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A Brief History

With the advent of technology, the gambling industry is growing consistently. From cards playing to dice rolling in 100 A.D. to 21st century, technology has changed the game dramatically. Nowadays, you can choose agen poker online to play without any threat. See a quick timeline of this industry:

Digging Deeper

The 1790s

Harry Ogden was the first person in making revenue from bookmaking. He was operating from Heath Newmarket and evaluated the field to view winners and lay odds on every horse.


A law restricted public card games with cash at stake. After this prohibition, different types of gambling were constrained to racetracks only. It was a growth period for bookies (brick & mortar) to open up a market for other sports along with the race. Bookmakers needed a paper and pen, backstreets or frequenting markets before moving in shops.


In May, betting shops got legal status, and almost 10,000 shops started working within the initial six months. These shops contain one bookie behind the counter to study the pages and one board-man to mark up prices and results for races. This information was transmitted through wire services from Extel and articulated through blowers.


In this era, gambling legislation permitted stores to offer televisions and hot drinks. People can view races on T.Vs. Fixed-odds and fruit machines betting terminals and racing courses (computer-generated) were added.


The internet was in full swing during this time. Bookmaking firms understand the perspective of online betting. Betting exchanges, such as Betdaq and Betfair, were available. It prompted the launch of online poker and bingo sites.

2012 and 2015

Revenue from gambling industry was $4 billion in 2014 and $4.14 billion in 2015. This revenue is consistently growing because the online gambling industry has numerous advanced options. People can enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their home.

Mobiles and Apps

Mobile apps and the internet have changed the mode of betting. Nowadays, you can’t discover even a single business without its digital footprint. Betting on a mobile device is crossing over $100 billion. You can purchase lottery tickets from mobile devices.

Numerous mobile casinos are available for gamblers. The mobile gambling is taking over 40% of the total share of the online gambling industry. For the comfort of customers, numerous mobile casino apps are available.

Betting Shops and Technology

For traditional betting shops, it is becoming difficult to attract customers. The competition is increasing because of online platforms and mobile apps. Technology and apps are becoming a vital part of betting shops. You can use touchscreen betting Kiosks.

Gamblers can get the advantage of socializing while gaining the edge of technology. Bookmakers offer numerous things for betting at home. Online betting is limited to the use of cards. This system may lead to identity issues and overspending.

Remember, online chat rooms cannot replace the social aspects of betting. From clients to bookies, the community of bookmakers is creating a secure atmosphere for mobile users at home. With incorporated devices from cash acceptors, printing tickets to loyalty card scanners, tablet Kiosks increase the usability of mobile apps.

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Historical Evidence

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