How to Wear a Lehenga to Look Slimmer

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A Brief History

Every woman wants to look all dolled up in a Lehenga. Either as a bride to be, a guest to the wedding or you need to look slender for the festival celebrations. There are many ways to look at this better version of yourself. When various diets or hitting the gym for workouts does not help. There is a way to look slimmer wearing your Lehenga and in all the adornments with a few twists on how you style it. This skirt is for all body types and you will prove it in the compliments you get of how slimmer and elegant you look. Follow the amazing tips below to achieve a slimmer frame with your Lehenga.

Digging Deeper

Choose paneled styles and long patterns

Anjali Lavania in panelled lehenga.  Photograph by Starrynightsnow.

Firstly, as you choose your Lehenga among the latest ethnic wear for the festival. The trick is to check for one with paneled styles and elongated long patterns for the blouse especially. The paneled style is the cuts of the Lehenga cut in panels. Each panel is broader towards the hemline and at the waist, it tapers, which will help you appear not only slimmer but taller. As much as you prefer other cuts as the mermaid cuts that are wide, and flared types like the tiered ones. The panel still wins for a slimmer frame. As for the long patterns the idea is to give a visual illusion that you are slimmer. Choose long patterns all over your blouse and they will appear more elongated and make you look less broad. Altogether, with a paneled skirt pick the elongated patterns for the sleeves and ensure the back of the blouse is longer.

Choose the right accessories

Patel in a fashion show with lehenga.  Photograph by Bollywood Hungama.

Using some of the accessories to complete your Lehenga look helps with achieving the slimmer appearance. One way to do that is the jewelry you choose. The chokers that most people love makes you look more stout and short. Since the choker set is best for slender women to give them a fuller look. Optionally, choose longer and layered necklaces that sit comfortably on the neck. For instance, Ranihaars with the vertical line they create will give you a slimmer look instead of using chokers. The other way is ensuring you wear high heels. Although, this is not good news for the taller women; however, heels help elongate your frame and thus you appear slimmer. Either pencil heels or wedges whichever is comfortable for you with slimmer buckles and fewer embellishments are ideal.

 Pick the right shapewear and lingerie

The shapewear is optional and for those that are already used to wearing one for long hours; however, if you need to, you can consider wearing shapewear. It will help you set the bulge in the belly area right and have a better-looking shape that looks slimmer in your pictures. Depending on the length of your Lehenga blouse. Consider a low waist tummy tucker to help you fit well on the hip area. On the other hand, make sure you wear the right bra especially if you have a heavy chest. Since the correct lingerie will give it the right support and you will have a slimmer look.

The right color and embellishments

Lilavati shave A-Line lehenga at Manish Malhotra’s fashion walk.  Photograph by BollywoodHungama.

A monotone color outfit and one that is in contrasting colors create different illusions. Hence, choose the monotone colored outfit in violets and browns to get that vertical line to give you a slimmer appearance; however, if you are not a fan of monotones. Choose a contrasting dupatta to add some color to the monotone Lehenga. Another great trick other than color is to choose embellishments in small motifs spread all over the Lehenga. This spread out small motifs in your flared Lehenga makes it look like an endless palette. Therefore, it does not attract only at a particular point. Rather they will give you a slim look for they blend in perfectly.

Check inner and outer fabric

Yuvika Chaudhary in a flared lehenga.  Photograph by

Both the inner and outer fabrics are important for comfort and overall appearance. Consider the fabric used inside that adds the volume of the dress like the can-can. That is added to many Lehengas and check whether it falls correctly from the inside, which is vital to ensure it does not add unnecessary volume to your body frame. Hence check the can-can to outline it right and you can prefer to have less of it for less volume. As for the outer fabric you need to consider whether it is the cold or hot season. Other than that, for that slim fit light satins, crepes, georgettes are a flattering choice. Avoid net and raw silk fabrics they make you look heavier.

Consider the draping technique

The way you drape the dupatta matters a lot to make you look taller and slimmer. It is easy and interesting. Since you just have to make sure the drapes fall diagonally on your body with small pleats. For a more attractive approach wear it the saree pallu style.  Doing so will help define and highlight your curves well giving a slimmer illusion. Also, wear your Lehenga at the high waist to hide any love handles that you may have. Plus, it falls in an A-line manner and for this a longer fitting crop top will help to show off less skin.

No slouching!

Last but not least to look taller and slimmer is to stand taller. No slouching! A body posture with your shoulders back and your back straight gives you a slender appearance to when you slouch. It is important to note that you don’t have to stand still but tall. This will give a better appearance of your neckline which when modified makes you look slimmer. Especially a sweetheart design or a scoop neck design. Play around with your blouse sleeves in a see-through fabric in elbow-length that will do the trick. Hence a posture is responsible for making or breaking the outfit. Make sure you walk in confidence with a smile it adds to the elegance of your outfit.

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Historical Evidence

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