How I Prepared for Microsoft MCSE MCSE 70-532 Exam

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A Brief History

On April 4, 1975, Microsoft was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in Albuquerque, New Mexico, The United States of AmericaMicrosoft is widely known for several inventions such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Azure; however, it is also a global vendor for top IT certifications. The certifications are offered in 4 distinct levels namely: MTA starters level, MCSE specialists level, MCSE experts level and MCSD developers level. Today, our focus is MCSE Cloud Platform credential which is offered upon passing two of the three available exams (MCSE 70-532, 70-533 and 70-535). This article is going to focus on MCSE 70-532 certification exam.

Digging Deeper

MCSE 70-532 exam details

Ray Ozzie announcing Windows Azure at PDC on October 27, 2008.  Photograph by Sotcr.

This exam covers the skills and knowledge that are necessary for developing Microsoft Azure solutions. The topics included in the exam are the following:

  • Creation and management of Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines
  • Design and implementation of a storage and data strategy
  • Management of identity, application and network services
  • Design and implementation of Azure compute, web and mobile services

Microsoft is, however, taking significant changes and this exam is going to expire any time soon and will no longer be offered! What next? How can you get certified?

Fortunately, Microsoft has designed other exams to replace MCSE 70-532 test. There are two new exams that you should be aware of as you plan to get certified. These exams are:

  • Exam AZ-200: Microsoft Azure Developer Core Solutions
  • Exam AZ-201: Microsoft Azure Developer Advance solutions

Have you taken Microsoft MCSE Office 365 Certification before these changes were made? Do not worry. Microsoft has designed the exam that will let you join the new curriculum. You will only need to take Exam AZ-202: Microsoft Azure Developer Certification transition.

Preparation tips for MCSE 70-532 exam

AT&T Mobility previously provided technical support for some of its mobile phones through Device Support Centers.  Photograph by Coolcaesar at the English language Wikipedia.

I have been working in an IT company since I graduated with a first class honors degree in computer science. Know that, this is all you may desire to have as a young professional who have the ambition to climb the IT career ladder swiftly. I never liked it because I was never involved in decision making, only specialists were considered. Just think about that situation. Therefore, I decided to earn myself MCSE Cloud Platform credential. MCSE 70-532 was the first exam that I had to sit for because I considered it more perfect for my career. Today, I am glad to share with you the various ways and techniques that made me pass MCSE 70-532 exam with flying colors.

  1. Analyze the exam objectives

This should be your first step. To pass the exam, you should know the exam objectives. It means that you are aware of the topics you need to cover, understand the vital concepts that will help you master your skills. Moreover, it would be easier for you to pass the exam.

  1. Set all the tools

MCSE 70-532 is a certification exam that involves a lot of practices which are accompanied by testing engines or simulators. You might be required to install the software like VCE Player or ETE Exam Simulator. Ensure that you have successfully managed to set such tools perfectly for your preparation. In addition, take video courses where the experienced instructor will share the details on MCSE 70-532 certification exam and topics it covers. Thus, you will be equipped with knowledge how to tackle exam questions. Check the most reliable websites, such as PrepAway, ExamCollection and Exam-Labs to get the actual material for the preparation process. You need to organize yourself in such a way that you have all the necessary material before you start studying.

  1. Study in a noise-free environment

Some disturbances such as noise can hinder your attention and prevent from understanding. Let us take a situation where you are studying in a TV room and your family members are having fun. Certainly, you are not going to concentrate at all. This is because at a certain moment your favorite advert will be played on a TV. Your siblings too will be talking about the last visit you had with your parents. Surely, you will find yourself joining them. Thus, choose a quite place to study in.

  1. Conceptualize

It is important to always try to figure out how the concept you have learned is applicable in the real world. Remember that every IT concept is designed to provide a solution in society. Therefore, it is your duty to identify how the concepts can solve the common mankind problems. Conceptualizing will help you to permanently stick the knowledge in your brain. Try it!

  1. Implement

Once you take a relevant training course, you are going to find some sections called the lab sessions. Do not skip this part as it plays an important role in your understanding. You have to perform every task so that you can gain a broad spectrum of the concepts laid out in that particular topic. In fact, the observation and conclusion of every lab session are always tested in the main exam. While preparing for MCSE 70-532 exam, pay much attention to your practical skills.

  1. Believe in Passing

Attitude is the backbone of success. You must have a belief that excellence is your way. It is clear that lack of self-esteem is entry failure. Therefore, have before the exam date, generate positive thinking and you will always be able to recall what you have learned during your prep for MCSE 70-532 exam.


Cloud computing metaphor: the group of networked elements providing services need not be individually addressed or managed by users; instead, the entire provider-managed suite of hardware and software can be thought of as an amorphous cloud.  Diagram by Sam Johnston.

The door of success is now open for you. The techniques laid in this guide work. Now, take a moment and implement them during your preparation for MCSE 70-532 exam, which serves as a stepping stone on the way of getting MCSE Cloud Platform certification. All the best!

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The featured image in this article, a photograph by Coolcaesar of Building 92 at Microsoft Corporation headquarters in Redmond, Washington on 30 May 2016, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.


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