Headlines: June 6, 2016: Tough Guy Donald Trump, Draft Dodger!

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A Brief History

Presumptive Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, has made a campaign out of tough talk, telling us how he would bully foreign countries into doing his bidding and how foreign leaders would cower before him, as opposed to his opponents and the current President whom he considers a “wimp.”

Digging Deeper

Trump trumpets (what else would he do?) his intention of making the US military stronger and the best in the world, apparently oblivious to the fact that the US military is already by far the strongest and best in the world, with a budget that eclipses all the other major military powers combined.

Trump campaigning in Laconia, New Hampshire, on July 16, 2015

Is Donald Trump really a patriot or a tough military hombre?  In a word, NO!  Although he attended a military prep school from 8th grade through 12th grade, he applied for and was granted a few deferments from the draft and then sought a medical deferment for “heel spurs,” although he does not currently remember which foot was affected!  (The problem seems to have magically disappeared once he was past draft status.)

Pampered rich kid Trump could easily have served during the Vietnam era, but chose not to, and avoided such service with a purpose.  How does this reconcile with his tough talk about throwing around military force with other people’s children (his kids did not serve in the military either)?  Is Donald Trump just another of a long line of paper tigers of the past several decades that aspire to lead our nation?  Give us your opinion of “The Donald’s” fitness for service as Commander in Chief of our military.

Senior yearbook photo of Trump in 1964 wearing the uniform of his private boarding school, New York Military Academy

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

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