Headlines: June 11, 2016: Voice Singing Star Christina Grimmie Shot to Death

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A Brief History

On June 11, 2016, 22 year old internet singing sensation Christina Grimmie was shot to death at an autograph signing after a concert in Orlando, Florida.  The beautiful Grimmie rode her beautiful voice to third place on the 6th season of the television singing contest, The Voice.

Digging Deeper

A 27 year old Florida man, James Loibl, shot the singer 3 times before being tackled by Grimmie’s brother.  Loibl then shot and killed himself during the struggle, his motives unknown at the time of this article.

Grimmie had won a variety of music industry awards and had released an album and two EP’s, as well as recording singles and music videos.  Born and raised in New Jersey, Grimmie made her mark as a YouTube sensation before landing the role on The Voice.  She also toured as an opening act (including for Selena Gomez) as well as making a pair of concert tours of her own.  A talented musician, Christina also played the piano, guitar and drums.

A shocked nation was saddened and angered by the news of her violent death, and the terrible mass shooting in Orlando the next day (unrelated incident).  Rest in peace Christina, your angelic voice and appearance should be well used in Heaven.

In tribute of Christina, here are our three favorite performances by her from the show in chronological order:

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Historical Evidence

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