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A Brief History

As a new year approaches, the thought of introducing robots into our homes raises many questions and it can be difficult to navigate the ever changing technological landscape. A handful of robots are already on the market that have made their way into the households. The most common household robots are smart speakers and robot vacuums, however, other robots such as automatic pool chemical systems, robot lawn mowers, sex robots, and robot kitchens are being welcomed into households as well.

Here we are going over some of the most commonly asked questions about smart home technology.

Digging Deeper

What are Smart Speakers?

The most common robots in the home are currently smart speakers. The smart speaker market is dominated by Amazon’s Echo Dot and Google’s Google Home. Smart speakers can be operated by voice command can perform various household tasks ranging from scheduling reminders, setting timers, information inquiry, and controlling smart home devices. Amazon’s Echo Dot has the ability to pair smart home devices that can be controlled through voice control by speaking to Alexa. Some of the functions that can be controlled through Alexa include lights, garage doors, door locks, temperature, surveillance cameras, robot vacuums, and sprinkler systems.

Why Do We Purchase Home Robots?

Adoption of robotic devices in the home appears to be attributable to two main wants from consumers: the ability to control smart home devices, and for entertainment. Research indicates that 64% of consumers are purchasing smart speaker devices for smart home functionality – that is they want to control smart home devices with voice control. 66% of consumers also indicated that they use smart speakers for entertainment purposes such as games, jokes, sports scores, and music.

What are Robot Vacuums?

There is an increasing tendency to introduce robot technologies in the home, this is evident through the increased sales of smart speakers and robot vacuums. One in six Americans now own a smart speaker, (January 2018), that figure has risen by 128% since January 2017. iRobot, the company that produces the world’s most popular robot vacuum Roomba, has sold over 20 million robots as of 2017. According to iRobot, robot vacuums make up 20% of the vacuum market worldwide. 

So What Makes These Robot Vacuums So Popular With Consumers?

Robot vacuums are one of the most popular smart home products you can purchase. They are popular with consumers because they are easy to use, they save you time, and they do a good job at cleaning. Your robotic vacuum is easy to use, all you have to do is set up a docking station for your vacuum and that is where it will charge itself. You do have to clean out the compartment that collects all the dirt and pet hair, but most people have no problem doing that because of all the other time they save. 

How Do I Make My Home Smart?

It may not be as difficult as you think to convert your old boring home into a Smart Robotic Home filled with the latest technology. I would recommend reading up on some of the reviews for the latest products available in the smart home technology industry. There are many knowledgeable people and a lot of good reviews on there internet that i am sure you find helpful. If you are looking for some basic gadgets to help out your home, I would suggest looking at the Alexa speaker, Google Home Mini, and the Roomba Vacuum. These three products are very popular and become familiar with these products is a good introduction into the world of smart home technology. 

Is Smart Home Technology Safe to Use? 

Generally speaking, smart home technology is safe for you and your family to use. With that being said, when you bring new things into your home, it is your responsibility to make sure you use the products as they were meant to be used. Smart Home Technology is safe to use, but you need to make sure it is used properly. For example, you need to make sure that your robotic Roomba vacuum does not suck up any of your valuables. That is why I suggest keeping and small toys or jewelry off of the floor. 

How Has Smart Home Technology Changed Human Behaviour? 

The use of robots in the home is also changing human behavior. 30% of smart speaker owners say that they are replacing TV time with podcasts, audio news, and talk radio. Implications of changes in household behavior can impact the ways advertisers reach consumers. If more households replace TV time with audio news, podcasts, and talk shows, this could change the way advertisers reach consumers.

Smart Home Technology can be used in your home to effectively manage your household routines more efficiently and effectively. You should read more about how you can adopt smart home technology into your home.

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