Fun Family Party Games

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A Brief History

In the late 1950s, the hula hoop gained international popularity when a plastic version was successfully marketed by California’s Wham-O toy company.  In 1957, Joan Anderson brought back a bamboo “exercise hoop” from Australia, and came up with the name Hula Hoop at a dinner party.  Today, spending time with our family, especially at parties, is something we should do as often as possible.

Sitting down with them for a chat and watching the tube are some ways to do it; however, for quality time with them to rock, playing some family games with them is the way to go.  Consider dressing up for the occasion to make it special. A formal dress is the best pick. Finding them at an affordable price is quite a task. At JJ’s House, we give you value for your cash. Here are some fun family party games plus the dress that is best for them:

Digging Deeper

1. Hula Hoop

This game is ideal for pairs or a couple. Get your family in pairs, then ask them to stand facing each other.  Play the music as the hoop is passed around. Before a pair hands the hoop to another pair, they have to go through it from head to toe. Should the music stop and they are inside the hoop, they are out.

For this game, an A-Line V-neck Knee-Length Satin Homecoming Dress is excellent. It is knee-length, sleeveless, comfortable, and allows you to get in the game without restraining you.

2. Zoo

It is a silly game, but entertaining and hilarious. Everyone needs to mimic an animal of their choice. First, every player picks their favorite animal.  Next, you need to go around the table asking everyone to identify themselves in turns.

There is little movement in this game.  An Empire Scoop Neck Knee-Length Chiffon Mother of the Bride Dress with Beading Sequins is the most suitable pick for it. It is made with smooth fabric, flows freely, and comfortable.

3. Chair Dash

To begin, set up chairs equal to the number of players. Afterward, get the players to dash off to look for an object. The object could be a towel, cushion, mug, spoon, coin, etc. Remove a chair every time the players leave to find an item. The last person to come back is out. Keep playing until there are one player and one chair.

With all the dashing around, the last thing you would want is a floor-length dress that trips you over.  Go for a V-neck Knee-Length Chiffon Lace Bridesmaid Dress.  It is short-sleeved, has a built-in bra, and is made of sleek fabric that cushions you from sweat. It’s also roomy at the bottom and has a simple but tasteful design.

4. Bubble Butt

You could play this game indoors or outdoors. First of all, arrange two rows of chairs facing each other across the room. Next, put balloons on one of the rows of chairs. Have the players sit on the chairs, facing the balloons.  Upon your signal, they must rush to the opposite chair and sit on the balloon, trying to pop it with their weight. They must then rush back to their seats and sit. The first person wins.

An A-Line Scoop Neck Asymmetrical Chiffon Cocktail Dress With Beading should be your top pick. It comes in a variety of colors, has a stylish and attractive design, and is free-flowing.

Question for students (and subscribers): What is your favorite party game?  Please let us know in the comments section below this article.

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Historical Evidence

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The featured image in this article, a photograph by Lance Cpl. Matt Myers of children hula hooping during a fun event to allow service members and their families an opportunity to relax before the Marines embark on an upcoming deployment, is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the United States Marine Corps. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain.


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