A Guide to the Best History YouTube Channels

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A Brief History

This article provides a table that serves as a guide to our favorite YouTube channels for learning about history.

Digging Deeper

Channel Name (please click on each name below to be taken to the respective channel)A Description of the Channel
Al M logo
Al Muqaddimah
Welcome to Al Muqaddimah.

Al Muqaddimah is my YouTube channel where I'll be making videos about Islamic History and other history as well but mostly Islamic. This is a new channel so please subscribe when you visit it and if you liked the video and want more like it, also the bell icon to get notifications but you know that already.

I realized that there aren't many videos that go much into detail about Islamic History online. Even Crash Course has like three videos in total on Islamic Civilization. Most Muslims even don't know Islamic History like What happened to the Abbasids? Who were the Seljuqs? Where did House of Wisdom go? All these questions will slowly be answered.

These videos aren't from a religious point of view, these will be from a very Liberal point of view. I'm a Muslim but I don't let my faith interfere with my work so if you're easily offended by learning the truth, I think you shouldn't watch these videos.

Thank you for your attention.
Ancient Accounts logo
Ancient Accounts - Animated History
I make animated history on stories from the past enjoy quick-paced narration and visual gags? well you've come to the right place!
My upload schedule is a bit all over but mostly once every month
Biographics logo
Biographics will provide video biographies about fascinating people four times per week. Co-owned by Simon Whistler & Shell Harris (co-founded with TopTenzNet - https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet) this biography channel will introduce you to people who changed the world for better and for worse. Website: https://www.biographics.org
Eskify logo
Voted Britain's best YouTuber in a rigged poll of 3 people.

I produce videos on anything I find interesting enough to share with you. I currently have 2 main video formats: Top 10 videos, and shorter videos where I take you inside interesting and mysterious places. That could be inside a secret vault or an ancient legendary tomb. People say my humour is dry but really I don't approve of jokes. They're against the word of god.
Website: www.eskify.com


1k subs - 14/03/2015
5k subs - 12/09/2015 - at 415k views
10k subs - 22/10/2015 - at 2.4M views
25k subs - 31/05/2016 - at 5.4M views
50k subs - 08/08/2016 - at 10.4M views
100k subs - 11/02/2017 - at 23.7M views
History and Headlines YouTube logo
History and Headlines
Thanks for visiting History and Headlines! History can be exciting and fun when you look at it from the right perspective...a different perspective. We are trying to provide that perspective.

Every day that we are able to do so, we present an historical event for that day in history. We provide topics that are both diverse and a bit out of the ordinary.

As this channel is run entirely by a college-level history teacher, this channel is primarily intended for educational purposes. Please keep in mind when commenting that I am making these videos for my students at my university. Thank you!
HWYN's logo
History's Who Yesterday's Nation
We make history videos about interesting people, places and events from around the world.
Jack Rackam YouTube logo
Jack Rackam
Did you get a kick out of learning that Zeus got around and Columbus wasn't all he's cracked up to be? Enjoy quick-paced narration and visual gags? Then welcome to my channel, filled with the Wikipedia-cited "great man" history your teachers warned you about. I think we're going to have a good time here.

Edu licensing available through boclips.com, the world's largest library of short-form educational videos.
Mr Beat logo
Mr. Beat
Mr. Beat is a social studies teacher who specializes in making history and geography more engaging through entertaining and easy to understand videos. He has written songs about all of the Presidents and has created music videos for all of them. His channel features the series Presidential Elections in American History, Supreme Court Briefs, and Compared. Subscribe for a new video every Friday.

Edu licensing available through https://boclips.com, the online video library, exclusively for education.
Pike&Shot logo
Pike & Shot Channel
Animated battles and history from the age of gunpowder (16th to 18th century). Enjoy!

Transylvanian medical student and his hobby, history.
Armchair logo
The Armchair Historian
Hi, I'm Griffin Johnsen, founder of The Armchair Historian LLC and Armchair Historian channel.

The Armchair Historian is a history channel specializing in animated military history.

Business Inquiries:

Non-Business Inquires:

Big thanks to Ironside for providing The Armchair Historian with an amazing desktop!
You can get your own here: https://ironsidecomputers.com/ Use Promo Code: History to get 5% off!
TipsyFish logo
Tipsyfish History
Hello everyone!

I'm a largely deaf 22 year old, who makes videos about history so you don't have to!

This channel is one of three that I am working on. As the name of the channel suggests. History will be the main topic of conversation for this channel, with a side project doing "Historical Analysis" of other content, such as ERB, Oversimplified and whatever else y'all suggest.

History has always been a passion of mine, and the more obscure the topic, the more I tended to enjoy learning about the topics. This channel is meant as a way for me to express my passion with others, and, if possible, act as a learning tool for others.
TopTenz logo
Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm Eastern Time every day!

Subscribe to stay notified: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=toptenznet

Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from the talented writers at Toptenz.net.

We love to know what you think of our top 10 videos, so please leave us a comment on any that you enjoy!

You'll also like our written lists which you can find at http://www.TopTenz.net!

Thanks for watching!

Please email us at sponsors@toptenz.net if you would like more information about becoming a sponsor.
UsefulCharts logo
Join host Matt Baker (and sometimes Jack from the Jack Rackam channel) as he explores world history through the use of family tree charts. Matt is the designer of the UsefulCharts line of history wallcharts and holds a PhD in Education.

New videos posted every Friday.

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

Zarzeczny, Matthew D.  Banned from the Internet?!: “Controversial” Top 10 Lists.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013.

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