10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

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A Brief History

The first record of dressing up in costumes on Halloween in North America goes back to 1911 when a newspaper in Kingston, Ontario reported how the neighborhood children were “guising.”  It was not until the 1930s, however, that companies began mass-producing Halloween costumes for commercial sale.  Early costumes were scary in nature and were often of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, witches, etc.  Later costumes moved on from the ghoulish characters and expanded to include non-scary figures ranging from superheroes to cowboys and Indians to fairy princesses to athletes to animals. 

In recent years, it has become a popular trend for women to use Halloween as an excuse to dress up sexy.  They wear revealing and form-fitting costumes made from thin fabric and expose lots of skin.   This may not always be the entirely smart thing to do as in many North American regions the average temperatures on Halloween are in the 40s, and in some areas it has even been known to snow!  Brrr!!!

So, what are women wearing as they make themselves vulnerable to colds and bladder infections?  See below for the most popular, sexy Halloween costumes for women.  

Digging Deeper

Side note:  Just about any costume can be made to look sexy by simply raising the hemline, lowering the bosom and ensuring that the outfit is tight, tight, tight!

All pictures are courtesy of: http://www.halloweencostumes.com/ (They even have a section/department just for sexy costumes!)

Let us start with the traditionally-inspired costumes:

1) Witch

Deep down most of us women are little witches anyway, so with this outfit our true colors come out.

2) Elvira

On the topic of witches, there is none more cool than the Queen of Halloween herself!

3) Pumpkin

Most girls are daddy’s little pumpkin anyway, so why not dress up as one?

And now let us move on to the fantasy and fetish-inspired costumes:

4) French Maid

Since the movie Clue, the French maid has become just about every man’s away-from-home fetish.

5) Nurse

What man does not fantasize about being looked after (and taken advantage of) by a sexy nurse during a hospital stay?

6) Cheerleader

In the sports-obsessed country of the United States, cheerleaders offer a lot of distracting eye candy.

From here we continue with those costumes inspired by Hollywood:

7) Pirate

Ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean came out, dressing up as a pirate has never been sexier.

8) Cat Woman

Even if you do not like cats, you have to admit, there is something graceful, mysterious and sexy about them.

9) Wonder Woman

Although not every woman can cut a good figure like Lynda Carter, even more than 30 years later, this ensemble remains the most-worn female superhero outfit.

And lastly, though as wicked as we are, it is still every girl’s and woman’s dream to be a:

10) Princess

Though sweet and innocent she looks not!

But before this list comes to a close, there is still one outfit that is the sexiest of them all:

halloween beth2

This picture is of the author taken 20 years ago while she was in high school.  It was her standard costume all through college, and she cried bitter tears when her mother finally threw it out.  Whereas, all ladies choosing to dress up sexy ended up chilled, she was always warm and cuddly as a mouse!  You can see the ears, but you cannot see the tail sewn on to the backside of the pink, one-piece sweat suit.  Yes, it was from the 80s, and it does not get any sexier than this!  Also practical, the author could even wear multiple layers underneath the homemade outfit and could accompany little ones and friends while trick-or-treating without freezing or having to wear a jacket over her costume.  Sometimes more really is more.  Happy Halloween!

Question for students (and subscribers): What is your favorite Halloween costume?  Please let us know in the comments section below this article.

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