10 Predictions for 2015

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In line with our other article of predictions, the one offering personal predictions based on zodiac sign, this article conveys 10 general predictions for the United States and World for 2015.  Again, please make note that this is for entertainment purposes only.  The possible scenarios do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author but are simply “messages from the universe” that she may or may not have interpreted correctly.  Only at the end of the year, will one be able to assess how accurate they were. 

Portrait of Fortune Telling by Paul Spangenberg 1911

Portrait of Fortune Telling by Paul Spangenberg 1911

These predictions were made with the help of the Madame Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards, the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and a “little help” from the universe.

1) Medicine

prediction medicine

This year there will be no major medical advancements that will immediately alleviate great health burdens but there will be surprise discoveries, and with time these will lead to new treatments and cures.  People are not happy with the conventional health management system either; some feel trapped in it, but many of them are still reluctant to seek out alternative health care practitioners or are not aware that they have this option.

2) Technology

prediction technology

It seems as if new technologies are expected to follow a certain pattern.  It is almost like it is being decided what technologies are wanted, but not in the best interests of society but rather to benefit a few, and that the engineers then have the burden of making these happen rather than being creative and tinkering around.  It is almost as if potential is being quenched and the fun has been taken out of it.  People are not developing what they want to but what is expected of them.   

3) U.S. Politics

predictions us gov't

There is much unhappiness with the status quo with many wanting to take U.S. politics in a new ideological direction.  There will be a new beginning, but the current administration has started some programs that should be maintained and cultivated.  It would behoove those in politics to only concentrate on the relevant things and pressing matters rather than cause general upheaval.  The President is willing to listen but will continue to push for his agenda.

4) International Affairs

predictions international relations

Recently the U.S. has been keeping itself out of conflict but upon further provocation may want to become more involved, which appears to be a good move as the current decision to stay relatively uninvolved is in itself a type of bondage.  It is almost as if it is time for the nation to stop letting itself be bullied and pushed into a corner.  And the message is loud and clear, it is also time for the U.S. to return to a place (either literally or figuratively speaking, perhaps both) where it once was.

5) Hollywood

predictions hollywood

There are two many elitist people in Hollywood running things and using their positions as a means of both exerting influence and controlling others through abuse of power.  It’s more about politics and personal power trips than the craft of entertainment.  Things need to change and the Hollywood bigwigs should be more concerned about producing quality movies rather rubbing elbows with politicians and gratifying their egos and sexual needs at the expense of starving actors and actresses who are trying to make it big in Hollywood.  In other words, look out for a scandal this year!

6) Race Relations within the U.S.

An African American being stoned  during the 1919 Chicago Race Riot

An African American being stoned
during the 1919 Chicago Race Riot

The nation will have to work hard to bridge the gap between the races.  It seems, though, that there are some (on whatever side) who prefer to incite trouble.  It will take a change in thinking to get past this, a move away from negativity to positivity.  Instead of using tension in a destructive and hostile manner, it would be better to strive for calm by releasing any pent up emotions in a more productive and constructive manner.  Once both sides find peace and tolerance within themselves, there will be less anger directed toward the other.

7) Weather

prediction weather

On the weather front, it looks like there will be some storms that are so severe that cleanup is required.  It is looking like this will take place somewhere on the East coast of the U.S. along water.  It is possible that adequate supplies and aid will not be available due to bungling.  Assistance from the nation will be necessary.  Those further inland will not be immune either with possible flooding along rivers.  The mountain areas may experience unexpected and challenging conditions.

8) Air Travel

prediction airplane2

With all the recent air disasters in 2014, what does 2015 have in store for long-distance flights?  It looks like this year frequent flyers can be more relaxed, as events in the skies appear to be calmer.  If something does happen, however, it might be due to inadequate maintenance or carelessness.  Airlines are heeded to pay careful attention to disgruntled employees!

Update April 2015: In the wake of the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, the author would like to clarify that at the time of the predictions, this tragedy was not yet set in stone, though she did see possible trouble with an airline’s own employee (see above).  It would likely have been prevented if the airline had ensured that someone with a known history of depression would not have been allowed to sit in the cockpit.  Furthermore, the murderous co-pilot had sick notes issued to him by medical professionals, so he should not have been flying that day. 

9) Natural Resources (Oil, Gas)

prediction oil

Regarding crude oil prices, there is a temporary jubilation in 2015 followed by a return to high prices.  It appears that prices are controlled and manipulated, keeping consumers who are dependent on oil-derived products “imprisoned.”  The long-term trend appears that prices will continue to rise.  Perhaps it would be better to continue to try and develop other sources of power.  Maybe more can be done with solar energy?

10) Housing Market

predictions - housing market

People will not really be willing to invest in new property in 2015.  Due to financial commitments, people will be keeping whatever money they have left close to them.  They will view the purchase of a new house, for example, as an “either/or” situation, preferring instead to invest in gadgets and other “toys” and accessories, as they prefer to “pimp up” what they already own.  It is really looking more like a trend to renovate or spruce up one’s existing home rather than moving into a new one.

Royal Bonus!

prediction catherine

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant again.  It looks like that with the second baby, she will be completing her family.  It is hard to determine the sex of an unborn child with certainty, but there is a strong indication that it will be male.  If it is not a boy, then the girl will have a lot of masculine energy.  The baby is due in April, so that would make sense, the sun sign of Aries being masculine.  At any rate, it will be a very strong-willed, energetic and determined child.  It might be born somewhat early as it feels almost like the child is impatient to be “out.”  Prince George is looking forward to having a playmate, and he will be very protective.

Update May 2015:  The Duchess gave birth to a girl later than expected, but for all intents and purposes the labor went extremely fast as the Duchess had only arrived at the hospital at 6.00 a.m. with the actual birth occurring at 08.34 a.m.  My intuition told me it would be a girl, but I interpreted the cards incorrectly on this one.

If you liked these predictions and would like more such posts, please leave your comments below.  The author only asks that you keep your comments respectful.  Also, if you have any of your own predictions, please feel free to mentions these as well.  Let’s get a discussion going!

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