The Best of YouTube: Top Channels to Subscribe To

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A Brief History

On February 14, 2005, three former PayPal employees launched YouTube, a video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States.  This article honors our favorite YouTube channels!

Digging Deeper

1.  Deburke321 (joined YouTube on March 17, 2009)

Deburke321 makes “Top Tens” on various topics, focusing on the strange, mysterious and controversial things of the world.  He also has another list based series known as “Disturbing 5’s” that focuses on the creepy side of things.  Finally, he has a series called “Creepypasta Readings” that focuses on narrating Creepy Internet based stories.

2.  HoodoHoodlumsRevenge (joined YouTube on March 2, 2012)


3.  MR DEEP WEB (joined YouTube on September 6, 2015)

MR DEEP WEB features videos about…you guessed it…THE DEEP WEB.  The deep web is a part of the internet that can not be accessed by normal search engines.  These videos include the series ”DEEP WEB MYSTERIES” where he shows the viewers anywhere from 10 to 30 deep websites, a lot of them being illegal.  He also has a series called ”5 disturbing videos” which is his most popular series.  He showcases 5 of the creepiest videos that can be found either on the deep web or anywhere online.  This series also includes ”5 SHOCKING VIDEOS” as well as ”5 STRANGE/ CREEPY VIDEOS”.  The channel also features true stories as well as creepypastas, top 10 countdowns and generally anything that can be considered shocking or creepy.

4.  MR DEEP WEB 2 (joined YouTube on January 16, 2016)

MR DEEP WEB 2 is MR DEEP WEB’s back up channel.

5.  ReignBot (joined YouTube on February 15, 2015)

ReignBot has come to be known for her dark themed videos that cover everything from true crime to obscure deep web-esque content. Some of her most notable work includes her “5 Disturbing Things You Shouldn’t Google” series, and a video shedding light on the viral “BlankRoomSoup.avi” mystery.

6.  Slapped Ham (joined YouTube on June 15, 2014)

Slapped Ham specializes in top 10 lists, countdowns and facts about everything.  They like to spice things up by mixing education, comedy and entertainment into a feast for everyone to enjoy.

7.  Tats TopVideos (joined YouTube on December 12, 2010)

The owner, director and producer of Tats TopVideos describes his Youtube channel as one “that does unique countdown lists based off many different media. Video Games, Creepypastas, SCPs, Myths, Urban Legends, Sightings, Animations, Movies and even Every Day Things.  Me and my team aim to be the number 1 countdown artist on the internet.  Our lists are quite large and take time to produce, because most of the content that are uploaded, were created by us, and gathering the content to put these videos together can be a stressful and daunting task.  At the end of the day, we really hope you like these lists, as we pour our heart and soul into them, making you feel like you really do get the time and excitement from seeing them, just as much as we enjoy making them.  If you want to try something Amazing and Wonderful check out our “Top Amazing Natural Phenomena or Top Amazing Weather Phenomenon” (  If you want to try something scary, we recommend our “Top Scariest SCPS”, or “Top Non Gaming Creepypastas” (  There is something for everyone at TatsTopVideos.  We hope you enjoy it!”

8.  TopTenz (joined YouTube on February 2, 2010)

TopTenz is a leading top 10 video list channel that provides daily videos in the form of top 10 lists.  This channel is not your usual fare of mundane lists you see everywhere else.  Topics range from the bizarre to travel and everything in between.  Controversy is never avoided and videos about geniuses who are evil people, facts about nymphomania, shocking pictures, why the earth is believed to be flat and other crazy keep your interest.

What is your favorite video from each of these channels?  Please let us know below in the comments!  Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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