Review of Morgan (2016)

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A Brief History

Morgan, an upcoming 2016 American science fiction thriller film directed by Luke Scott and written by Seth Owen, is scheduled to be released on September 2, 2016 by 20th Century Fox.

Digging Deeper

Viewed on August 24, 2016 with only minimal knowledge of the movie (provided by the trailer), we expected a science fiction/horror type film and that is what we got.

Excellent casting in every role and quality acting and directing, we enjoyed the movie quite a bit.  The build up to action was slightly slow, as is to be expected with character development, but once the action started it was relentless.  Fight scenes were violent and believable, with good special effects but without overly flashy gratuitous gore.

Assisting the “selling” of the story line was the plausible way the evil corporation was portrayed and the all too human reactions of the staff members on the project.  The only situation that might have been overdone was the baiting of Morgan by the visiting psychiatrist, but that too might well be an intentional diagnostic device.  It is just that perhaps realism could have included a nod toward safety.  The title character is one the audience kind of roots for, even knowing that might be a bad idea.  The same could be said about the loss management specialist, Lee, that visits the facility.

As the plot unfolds, intentional clues as to the twist in the story are planted and with the climax and denouement those analyses are vindicated.  (No spoilers here!)  Overall the movie left us with a satisfied feeling and the impression the film was neither too long nor too short.  Is there material here for a sequel?  Yes, most definitely.  The story line could easily be extrapolated into a series of films covering the efforts of the corporation to achieve the success they seek.  We would look forward to it.

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