Must-Have Tools For Every Homeowner Who Loves to DIY

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A Brief History

It can be said that DIY has never been as popular as it is right now. With stores like IKEA booming with its increased relevance and sales flourishing, it would make you think that the concept is rather new and young. Make no mistake, though, as the voguish trend of ‘doing-it-yourself’ is as ancient as BC, with the Greek’s having had the foresight to not just visualize an IKEA store but even have one established. An Italian archeologist had come across a Greek structure in Southern Italy which had belonged to the 6th century BC; however, upon unearthing this massive structure, he managed to unearth detailed assembly instructions along with it. Today, the structure carries the name of ‘ancient IKEA building’. Anyway, back to today, people are becoming increasingly interested and sometimes obsessed, with DIY. Still, they may be missing some must-have tools which will equip them for everything DIY.

Digging Deeper: Tools Every Homeowner Needs for DIY

For those that have the inclination of doing things all on their own, it is important for such daredevils to keep a complete toolset nearby. So if your table falls apart, you can head to your toolset, gear up and fix the problem in whichever way you please.

As a DIY enthusiast, you should expect to be working with a number of tools, which may extend as far as having to use angle grinders. The DIY advisors over at, would urge caution against using certain tools without the necessary background or training. They also share a number of guides, explaining everything from ‘how to use a circular saw safely’ to ‘how to build a table straight from a tree’. 

1. Hammer

Hammers have many uses, with their flagship use being driven in nails and prying them out; however, their uses go beyond just nails, as they can also be used to break up a plaster wall as well as breaking other things. According to experts, a 16-ounce hammer, which comes with a smooth head and a curved claw is the one hammer with the most versatile uses.

2. Screwdrivers

They are screwdrivers and not a screwdriver as you will be needing many different screwdrivers, as they come in a number of sizes and shapes, and you will want to be prepared for any occasion with these little ones. They are used to screw your different nail types and attach your furniture and most of your homeware. You can acquire a basic screwdriver set which will be enough for most things.

3. Adjustable Wrench

When it is not nails or screws, it will usually be either a nut or bolt that you will find yourself dealing with. However, you may find yourself needing more than one wrench, with most experts advising people to buy at least 2. Anything from a 6-inch wrench to a 10-inch wrench will suffice for whatever job you have to get through. 

4. Handsaw

If you are all about that DIY life, then handsaws are a must-have. You will appreciate them the most when you are cutting wood, especially when making quick cuts. As you will find, they are quick to use and easy to handle. Though you will have to consider between picking from your 3 options, there is the traditional western saw, a Japanese pull saw, and a Pruning saw. 

5. Pliers

Most jobs you will be working on will need this tool. For when your hands cannot do the job of grasping onto either a piece of wood or a stuck nail on something you are working on, plier steps in and does that job for you. It will apply the force needed and make it a lot easier to finish your job as easy and as quickly as possible. Though there are many pliers to choose from, each is designed for a specific job.  For that reason, it would be best if you purchase a set that includes different pliers.

6. Hardware

None of these tools will have any value or importance to fulfilling the tasks of DIY without some hardware. So, pick what you need from nails to screws, even some vinyl sinkers and have a go at it.

7. Safety Gear

It is essential that you get yourself some safety gear and keep safe while working on your projects. Things to consider may include, gloves, goggles, and a safety mask.

DIY is certainly exciting but requires a long list of tools and equipment. These helpers will come in handy and make your projects easier to make and create. Though you must remember, along with everything included here, a tape measure will become your new best friend while on the job. 

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