June 1, 2018: Review of Upgrade

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A Brief History

On June 1, 2018, the action-packed science fiction movie Upgrade will make its premier across the United States. A film about the not so distant future when the marriage of man and machine (computer) is a budding technology, the moral and ethical implications become entwined with a fierce battle for revenge and survival.

Digging Deeper

Starring Logan Marshall-Green as a man left paralyzed by a robbery in which his wife is callously murdered, the secret technology of implanting a computer chip in the man’s neck to allow him to walk again takes on sinister aspects, causing the audience to question the motives of the billionaire technology mogul that makes the life altering surgery possible for the protagonist, a character called Grey Trace.

Packed with wild action and fighting sequences, the movie is well cast, well acted, and well directed. The cinematography is excellent and the plot, though some sharp guessers in the audience might predict the sub rosa plot behind the new technology, keeps the audience on their toes. The test audience we were part of was particularly vocal about gasping, laughing and cheering at all the right places. The main character is one the audience easily relates to and sides with in his quest for information and vengeance.

Rotten Tomatoes has given the film a strong 85% approval rating, and judging by our audience, the public will love the film. Fast paced and entertaining, we expect the film to exceed its projected opening weekend box office of $3 million once word of mouth passes around.

Go see this early summer action film and enjoy! We strongly recommend this movie for all but the most sensitive younger kids (because of colorful violence and death). With a running time of 95 minutes you will never have a chance to get bored.

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

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