Five Fascinating Facts about Godzilla

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A Brief History

Today, June 13, 2014, the latest cinematic version of Godzilla is being released in China after having already been released throughout Europe and the Americas in May 2014.  In less than half of a month, the film grossed over $300 million around the world and its release in China is sure to add to this incredible profit.  In celebration of this film’s success, our sister site, Fact Fiend, has produced several intriguing articles concerning various fascinating facts about Godzilla‘s long cinematic journey.  The outstanding author of these fun articles, Karl Smallwood, has also produced a couple similar entries for our parent site,  Here is a list of Karl’s excellent articles that appear on both sites!

Digging Deeper

5. Godzilla is Karl’s Spirit Animal

To start things off, you may wondering why my fellow writer is so fascinated with Godzilla.  Well, dear reader, please click here to read why Karl admires Godzilla!

4. Godzilla Technically Has a Black Belt in Judo

You read right and if you are curious about how that can be, please read the article located here.

3. There is Only One Copy of the Original Godzilla Roar

Indeed, and for more on this story, you should read this article.

2. The Adorable Reason Godzilla’s Height Keeps Changing

Please read this article to learn the reason why Godzilla’s height changes from movie to movie.

1.The Hilarious Story of How Godzilla Killed His 1998 Incarnation: Yes, Toho Hated The 1998 Movie Version Of Godzilla So Much They Had It Blown Up!

Finally, as the heading suggests, our highest ranked fact is one Karl explored on two occasions: first on TopTenz and later on Fact Fiend.

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please see…

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