Why Should Someone Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

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A Brief History

Around the world, there are 1,250,000 car crash fatalities every year. The sad thing is that many of these accidents were entirely preventable. Driving under the influence, speeding and other dangerous behaviors can lead to an accident. If you have been harmed in a car accident, a Los Angeles accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Digging Deeper

How Can an Attorney Help Your Case?

With the help of the West Coast Trial Lawyers, you can bring your case to court. After undergoing an accident, your physical recovery will be difficult enough. You also have to deal with lost wages, emotional trauma and medical costs. To recuperate some of your losses, you can represent yourself or have a lawyer represent you. Hiring an attorney offers a number of benefits that you cannot get by representing yourself.

An Attorney Can Handle Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have no desire to pay any money to you or the other party in the car crash. Instead, they will do everything they can to avoid paying damages. If they can get away with giving you a smaller payout, then they will end up having a higher profit margin.

Because of this, the person you choose to represent you is incredibly important. Your lawyer fights for you to get the payout you need. Instead of letting the insurance companies reduce your payout, your attorney will negotiate the amount you need to cover your damages. Insurance companies will often give people higher payouts when they have an attorney because they know that the attorney knows how much compensation is fair.

You Have a Single Chance to Prove Your Case

If you decide to represent yourself, you are taking on a humongous risk. The court will not allow you to file your case again if you lose. Even if you have the world’s best case, there are a lot of evidentiary rules and legal requirements you must fulfill. The other party will do everything possible to disprove your case. Unless you are a skilled attorney with years of experience, you may find it difficult to combat the other party’s argument. If you represent yourself and lose, you will not get another chance.

Your Attorney Understands Legal Requirements and Time Limits

With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can make sure you file your case in a timely way. In many states, there are rules regarding the statute of limitations. If you wait too long to file a claim after a car accident, the courts may tell you that you are not allowed to file your lawsuit anymore. From filing paperwork to knowing the statute of limitations, your lawyer understands all of the legal requirements involved for a case to be filed correctly.

A Lawyer Helps You Decide If You Need to Settle

The insurance company does not want to spend any more money than they absolutely have to. If they think that you have a strong case, they may try to settle for less than what the courts would normally award you. Similarly, you may want to settle if you are worried about whether you can prove your case in court or not.

Your lawyer helps you decide if you should settle your case or take it to trial. A Los Angeles accident attorney knows how previous cases like yours have turned out. They are experts at knowing when it is worthwhile to settle your case and avoid a lengthy trial. As a result, you can increase your odds of winning a higher compensation amount by using an accident attorney.

Your Attorney Can Help You Prove Liability

When you file a car accident lawsuit, you have to use police and witness reports to prove your case. Your goal is to prove who is at fault. If you can prove the other party is completely at fault, they will be responsible for the costs of the accident. Your lawyer can help you prove liability and present your case in court.

What Causes Car Accidents in Los Angeles?

In just the United States, there were more than 11 million car accidents a year. These car accidents occur for a variety of reasons. In California, car accidents happen because of factors like drunk drivers, cell phones and driver distractions. Car accidents also occur because people drive too fast, make illegal turns or fail to stop for lights and signs. Sometimes, car accidents also occur because the driver makes mistakes like driving the wrong way down a road.

The Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents

You can discuss your crash injuries with your personal injury lawyer. Some of the most common injuries include head injuries like traumatic brain injuries and concussions. People may suffer from injuries to their spine, shoulders or soft tissues. In addition, whiplash and bone fractures are quite common after a car accident.

After an accident, it is important to fully document all of your injuries. Other than compiling witness and police reports, you should also keep a careful record of all of your medical procedures. Photographic evidence can help you prove your case. If litigation is necessary, you will need to have a full record of the nature and extent of your injuries.

When Does Someone Need an Attorney?

Each case is different, so you may want to talk to a Los Angeles accident attorney to learn more about your options. In general, you will probably want an attorney if you have had significant medical bills, lost wages and other damages. When you have a lot at stake, you cannot afford to lose your case.

You may also need a lawyer if you have had significant injuries. Car accidents can cause concussions and traumatic brain injuries. In addition, you may need to take painkillers after your accident. If pain, medications or mental injuries cloud your mind, it will be challenging to build your case. Your lawyer can help you navigate the legal system so that you get the justice you deserve.

A Talented Attorney Can Help You Recover

With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can get compensated for your damages. While the other party cannot heal your injuries, they can cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages and property damages. Your lawyer can help you determine the best course of action for your case.

If you are struggling to heal after a car accident, you are not alone. Our lawyers have helped clients throughout the area with their personal injury cases. If you need to file your legal case, call West Coast Trial Lawyers today to find out how we can help.

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