Top Ten Bizarre Adolf Hitler Facts

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A Brief History

In another article, we featured an interesting fact of Adolf Hitler (Adolf Hitler only became a naturalized German citizen on February 25, 1932.)  Here we list 10 more little-known facts about one of history’s most evil men!

Digging Deeper

10. Hitler was a vegetarian and frequently had gas!  Irritable bowel syndrome, syphilis and heart problems may also have ailed him.

9. Hitler had been a corporal during World War I, was decorated for bravery and wounded by poison gas.  (No connection to the above!)

8. Hitler’s father was illegitimate, originally given the last name of Schicklgruber and later changing it to Hitler (or Hiedler, Huettler or Hutler).

7. Hitler’s father may have had Jewish blood,  but his mother was Roman Catholic.  Hitler himself never attended church after childhood.

6. Hitler did poor in academics and was rejected by an art school, although he tried to make a living painting water colors.

5. Before World War I, Hitler lived in a homeless shelter and a home for poor men.

4. Despite the Nazi ideal of the “Nordic” German Aryan being tall, blond and athletic, Hitler and the other high-ranking Nazis (Goring, Himmler, Goebbels) were none of those!  And to top things off, Hitler’s lover, Eva Braun, even dressed as a black man on at least one occasion:

3. Hitler wrote his seminal book, Mein Kampf, while serving only 1 year of a 5-year prison term for high treason, remarkably light punishment for such a crime.

2. Hitler’s half-niece killed herself with Hitler’s pistol, probably due to Hitler’s new love, Eva Braun whom Hitler would go on to marry right before the two of them committed suicide in 1945.

1. Hitler’s body was burned by loyal followers after his suicide, but his remains were found and secretly kept by the Soviets until 1970 when they were burned completely and the ashes scattered into a tributary of the river Elbe.  Right before his suicide, a bitter Hitler had ordered that Germans should destroy all remaining industry and demolish everything of value, as Germany had proved itself unworthy of remaining as a nation!  So much for the Master Race!

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Historical Evidence

For more information, please read…

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