October 9, 1992: UFO Crushes Chevy Malibu (The Peekskill Meteorite)

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A Brief History

On October 9, 1992, an unidentified flying object (UFO) crashed in a driveway in Peekskill, New York, crushing the trunk of the 1980 Chevy Malibu that was parked there.

Digging Deeper

The UFO did not remain unidentified for long;  it turned out to be a 26-pound meteorite that had fallen in the area, an event caught on video by at least 16 people and witnessed by thousands more in several US states as a “huge, greenish fireball.”  Since it was a Friday night, plenty of camcorders were already filming high school football games when the meteorite passed.

It was a foot in diameter and hit the car at only 164 mph, having been slowed down by the atmosphere.  Becoming known as the Peekskill Meteorite, the extraterrestrial object was estimated to be 4.4-billion years old and thought to have been produced by 2 asteroids colliding with each other. 

The meteorite was sold for $69,000, and the unfortunate (or perhaps fortunate…) owner of the Malibu, a teenaged girl, sold her car for $10,000, 25 times what she had paid for it.  History and Headlines Trivia: The 1980 Chevy Malibu had recently been purchased for $400, making it possibly the fastest appreciating car in history. 

The car and a large chunk of the meteorite are now on display in the Macovich Collection of Meteorites in New York City.  Smaller pieces of the meteorite sell for $125 a gram.  The Chicago’s Field Museum, the American National History Museum and the Smithsonian have smaller pieces in their collections.  The car, itself, has traveled the world and has been featured in meteorite circles and in galleries as artwork created by “alien hands.”

Even if you dismiss the chance of an alien spacecraft landing on your property, there always is the realistic possibility that a meteorite could your house, your car or even you.  As demonstrated by the Peekskill Meteorite, it has happened before and will surely happen again; it is just a question of when and where.

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Historical Evidence

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  • Brittany Branard

    I’ve always considered the possibility of extra terrestrials existing, and I would almost lean toward it being true. I once heard a quote that said declaring that there are no aliens in the universe would be like taking a cup of water from the ocean and saying that whales don’t exist because there is no whale in the cup. I have also heard it said that either we are alone in the universe or we aren’t and either one is terrifying. I also have considered that the government has knowledge of some matters we aren’t aware of and could also aid to the hypothesis that aliens and their UFOs exist. If this has been proven it is just matter from space that has made its way into the earth’s atmosphere, it is still a reminder that we can’t control nor know everything about the space beyond our planet.

  • Steve Smith

    Interesting article, that would be terrifying to be struck by a 160 + mph meteorite. Its amazing to think of it being 4.4 billion years that amount of time is impossible to fathom. I’ve never believed in UFO’s If there were other life in the universe we would have found it or they would have found us!

  • Sammi DiGeronimo

    I truly don’t believe in UFO’s or aliens. Although some people swear by witnessing these events, there still isn’t solid proof to change my mind. I feel that there are probably logical explanations for many of the “UFO sightings”

  • JV

    This article is very interesting, because it makes you think how lucky we are because that meteorite was small enough to only destroy the trunk of the Malibu, but if it were a little bigger, it could have been catastrophic.