History: January 8, 1935: Uncanny Similarities about Elvis Presley and Major Dan

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A Brief History

On January 8, 1935, Elvis Aron Presley, the King of Rock and Roll was born in Mississippi.  Major Dan once spent 3 weeks in Mississippi, and was born on January 7.  Elvis had dark hair,  Dan likewise.  Both liked jelly donuts and peanut butter, not to mention cheeseburgers.  Alas, both estimable gentlemen were slightly overweight, but not as young men.

Digging Deeper

Elvis was born to a Christian family, the good Major was born into a Christian family.  The King was heterosexual, and most people think Major Dan is, too.  Long sideburns were once a trademark of both men.  Elvis had a ton of drugs prescribed by doctors, and so does Major Dan.  Strangely, both sing like Elvis and danced kind of funny.

Elvis was the star of many motion pictures, and Major Dan saw all those films.  Elvis is often imitated, and Major Dan often imitates Elvis (Thank you very much!)  Elvis served in the military and so did the good Major.  Elvis and Major Dan both have traveled to Hawaii and Germany.  Elvis played the piano and a stringed instrument, Major Dan’s mom tried to teach him piano and he briefly played a stringed instrument.  Both of these macho men liked fast and fancy cars, and both were sworn in as law enforcement officers.
Of course, both guys were highly attractive to females, and mothers warned their daughters about them.  Elvis was associated with Col. Tom Parker, Major Dan was associated with Col. Sanders.  Elvis sang about a hound dog, Dan owned hound dogs.

Are you totally creeped out by the eerie similarities?  How do you think Dan feels???

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Historical Evidence

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