When the Britannic, Sister Ship of the Titanic sank during World War I!


A Brief History

On November 21 in 1916 the new and improved version of the Titanic became the largest ship sunk during World War I!

Digging Deeper

Digging deeper, we find the third of the Olympic class ocean liners having been built after the Olympic and Titanic and actually being a bit bigger, incorporating new design features to prevent a disaster like the 1912 loss of Titanic.

Entering service in December of 1915, she was almost 900 feet long and displacing 53,000 tons, the Britannic was fitted as a hospital ship for wartime service and was carrying 1066 souls on the fateful day.  Sailing in the Aegean Sea the mighty vessel was on her 6th wartime voyage.  Shortly after 8 am the giant ship shuddered from a massive explosion, never positively identified, but most likely from a mine or a torpedo.

Despite upgraded safety features, such as watertight bulkheads raised much higher than Titanic’s and a large part of the hull being doubled, the doomed ship sank in only an hour.  Usually such quick sinking leads to massive loss of life, but the improvements that did work well concerned the lifeboats, with increased capacity (3600, more than enough!) and improved launching equipment.  The lessons learned from the Titanic disaster resulted in the loss of only 30 lives (of 1066 on board).  For a wartime sinking, that is pretty impressive.

Of course, the relationship to the Titanic creates even more notoriety than usual, and with it goes the rumors and myths of the ship being somehow cursed.  A popular rumor is that the ship’s name was slated to be Gigantic, and was changed because of the sinking of the Titanic.  Actually, this rumor is not true and the Britannic’s name was decided on prior to the 1912 disaster.  For such a huge and expensive ship, a lifespan of less than 2 years is not much return on investment! At least it made a few voyages and did not sink on its maiden voyage like its more famous sister.  Still, the ship took 5 years to build and served just under 2; not so good.  At least the first of the 3 enormous Olympic class ships, the Olympic, served safely for 24 years and escaped the fate of her sisters.

Historical Evidence

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    Truly amazing that so few lives were lost! — DAVID WARDLE

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    • Stephen Ciocca

      I agree, I think that the fact that the ship sank is much less surprising then the Titanic sinking. Especially when considering it was a war time ship and it was sunk by a mine or torpedo. If the Britannic had sunk by hitting an iceberg like the Titanic did then I would have no problem believing that there was a curse around those ships. But due to the fact that it was sunk in war time is just a cost of war. Not necessarily a curse.

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  • Kevin

    Its very interesting to me that there were three sister ships! I did not know they made any other ships than the titanic. I also agree with Allison in that I am not surprised it sank because it was in the line of duty. It was probably targeted at a war strategy. Its also interesting to see the development of these ships because they are what turned into our cruise ships of today. If it were not for these ships we would not have the type of cruise ships we have today.

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    I had no idea either that the Titanic had sister ships. It is amazing that only 30 people perished on the Britannic even though it only took one hour to sink. It does seem that many lessons were learned form the horrible events that took place on the Titanic, especially the proper use of the life boats.

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    i think the key here is it to not compare a ship to the titanic! however maybe its true that the 3rd time is a charm saying that the last ship lasted for 24 years!

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